Founded with a steadfast commitment to sustainability, our mission is to provide network infrastructure tools that combat climate change by actively reducing carbon emissions and realise Net Zero Commitments.  

We are innovators and we tackle every challenge with creativity.

Our approach involves maximising the utilisation of existing infrastructure, optimising resources, and driving efficiency—all without disturbing or changing electricity usage and while strategically reducing costs.

Reducing the cost of sustainability is the heart of our technology.

Our commitment extends beyond aspirations, rooted in the vision of creating a greener future that positively impacts both the environment and the financial landscape of our customers as well as electrical energy consumers.

We drive meaningful innovation for a sustainable future.

We are here to play a pivotal role in supporting Distribution System Operators to unlock the potential of LV networks for the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles, heat pumps, and photovoltaics, ensuring optimal hosting capacity for these low carbon technologies.

We engineer our solutions with a passionate commitment to simplicity.

Our technology not only saves money but also amplifies efficiency, curtails carbon footprints, and champions sustainability.

Join us in reshaping the future of energy for a more sustainable and cost-effective world.