Our Trailblazing Phase Switch System

Introducing the Phase Switch System—a patented retrofit innovation that amplifies the electrical distribution network hosting capacity for low carbon technologies, simultaneously reducing losses and significantly cutting reinforcement costs!

Electric vehicles (EV) can prompt essential network upgrades; failure to upgrade leads to low voltages, power lost due to imbalance, blackouts from blown fuses, and shorter lifespans for cables and transformers.

The PSS elevates electric vehicle hosting capacity with superior efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and speed, while helping conserve the climate and avoiding extensive road works—outperforming traditional underground cables.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) generation can necessitate crucial network upgrades; neglecting them may result in high voltages, curtailed PV generation, power losses due to imbalance, and shorter lifespans for cables and transformers.

The PSS enhances PV hosting capacity, ensuring steady PV generation with superior efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and speed. Contributing to climate conservation and circumventing extensive road works, the PSS outperforms traditional underground cables

UK Power Networks Phase Switch System Implementation

Explore the "Working ‘smart’ to deliver net zero" article showcasing real-world implementation of Phase Switch Systems (PSS) in London and Brighton. UK Power Networks, in their pursuit of Net Zero, introduce innovative 'smart' solutions to facilitate the integration of low carbon technologies like electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps. The article features the first PSS in London, optimising the electrical load distribution across local networks without additional cable installations. With a focus on smart and flexible approaches, UK Power Networks aims to connect 2.7 million electric vehicles and 300,000 heat pumps by 2028, contributing to the government's Ten Point Plan for Net Zero by 2050. Read the article for insights into cost-effective Net Zero solutions and the promising results of the Phase Switch System trial.

Read the Article: “Working ‘smart’ to deliver net zero”​