Our journey began with a challenge: provide universal access to low carbon technology—electric vehicles, heat pumps, and solar panels—in homes and businesses.

Sounds simple, but there were a few considerations...

Don’t change or influence anyone’s electricity usage - that would be awkward, don't install new underground cables across the UK - that would require road works, and, of course, you must save everyone money!

Our founding technology, squeezes maximum capacity out of the existing cables under our streets at low cost, ensuring seamless connection to the electricity grid for low carbon technology.

We pride ourselves on groundbreaking technology that reverts to the fundamental principles of a balanced three-phase electricity grid.

Our Technology Validation at the UK's PNDC

Explore the Phase Switch System testing at the Power Network Demonstration Centre (PNDC), a specialised 400V high-current testing facility in the UK. Initiated as part of a UK Government project competition with UK Power Networks (UKPN) sponsorship, the PSS underwent rigorous regression testing. The LV network-based trials confirmed the system's resilience, passing all tests for operational scenarios, safety, and fault conditions. The successful testing phase not only validated enhancements but also bolstered UKPN's confidence in the PSS unit's capabilities, de-risking the equipment in a controlled environment and facilitating continued system development.

Learn More About the PNDC Testing

UK Power Networks Phase Switch System Implementation

Explore the “Working ‘smart’ to deliver net zero” article showcasing real-world implementation of Phase Switch Systems (PSS) in London and Brighton. UK Power Networks, in their pursuit of Net Zero, introduce innovative ‘smart’ solutions to facilitate the integration of low carbon technologies like electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps. The article features the first PSS in London, optimising the electrical load distribution across local networks without additional cable installations. With a focus on smart and flexible approaches, UK Power Networks aims to connect 2.7 million electric vehicles and 300,000 heat pumps by 2028, contributing to the government’s Ten Point Plan for Net Zero by 2050. Read the article for insights into cost-effective Net Zero solutions and the promising results of the Phase Switch System trial.